If you've missed a lesson due to rain, long term injury or a public holiday, you are entitled to a make up class.

Unsure if you have any make ups? Please follow this link for help : How to check my available Make Up classes?

Make up lessons are available every Friday and can be booked online via our website.

To book your make up lesson follow the steps below

  1. MindBody log in button at the top of the page and enter your Log in details
  2. Click account button to check your available make up classes
  3. Click the Classes button in the top left hand corner
  4. Find the date for the Class you would like to attend
  5. Click the Sign Up now button next to available classes
  6. Then Click 'Make a Single Reservation' to enrol in the class
  7. Your enrolment is now complete and can be seen on the 'My Schedule' page